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Saving account ProKid


What is a saving account ProKid ?

ProKid is a saving account designed for children aged up to 18 years old, which can be opened in MDL, EUR and USD.










  • Interest is capitalised monthly;
  • you can add / withdraw money any time and in any amount;
  • withdrawals from the account do not affect the accumulated interest;
  • opportunity to save money to pay for your children's education or with other reason.

How can you open a saving account ProKid?

  • saving account ProKid can be opened in some minutes, you need to present the ID card of the parent / tutor and birth certificate of the child;
  • fill in the application for opening the account;
  • you have possibility to add funds through cash payments or transfers received in favor of saving account;
  • you can withdraw money from the account in any branch or agency of the bank. 

Tutors / supplementary curators have to present decision on appointing tutor/curator issued by a tutelary authority


Floating interest rate:

Saving account ProKid
Currency MDL USD EUR
Interest for account ballance 4.00% 1.00% 1.00%


More detailed information regarding the interest rates and the conditions for opening deposits and savings accounts you can find here.