Savings Cards


 What are Savings Cards?

Savings Cards are bank cards linked to your savings account that allow you to access your savings and accumulated interest. The cards can be used like standard cards at any ATM bearing the Visa logo, both in Moldova and abroad.
Benefits of Savings Cards:
  • 24/7 access to your money
  • You can withdraw money – within the limits of your available balance – anytime at any ATM bearing the Visa logo. The first withdrawal is free of charge; fees for additional withdrawals made during the same month will be charged according to the current price list.
  • You can pay for purchases made in commercial centres in Moldova or abroad with no fee.
  • You can pay for purchases with your Savings Card abroad, regardless of the local currency, since the funds will be converted automatically to the domestic currency of the country visited.
  • Savings Cards are safer than cash: Even if you lose your card, your savings will be safe in your account.
  • You avoid physical contact with money, reducing the risk of receiving counterfeit banknotes.
Savings Cards provide additional protection against unwanted access to your account, thanks to the embedded microchip, which is almost impossible to counterfeit and requires the user to enter a PIN for all transactions.
Bank cards issued by ProCredit Bank contain both a chip and a magnetic stripe and can therefore be used at any ATM or POS terminal, including older (non-chip-reading) machines.


Where can I use my Savings Card?

  • At any ATM accepting Visa cards, both in Moldova and abroad, 24/7.
  • At POS terminals, both in Moldova and abroad. However, Savings Cards cannot be used to make purchases online or to conduct other operations online.

You can apply for a Savings Card at any ProCredit Bank branch. The cards are issued free of charge; the annual maintenance fee is MDL 50. The card is valid for 3 years.