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ProCredit Bank: Benefits of collaborating with a German bank for Moldovan entrepreneurs

According to the latest figures, ProCredit Bank now ranks third among Moldovan banks in terms of its loan portfolio and sixth in terms of deposits attracted. In recent years, a growing number of clients have entrusted ProCredit Bank Moldova with their funds, as our bank is one of few that ensures complete transparency with regard to its shareholder structure. Knowing your financial partner is one of the most important issues in the current environment.


Furthermore, the fact that ProCreditBank Moldova is supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authorities (BaFin and Bundesbank) and because it belongs to an international financial group, makes banking with us even more secure. The financial supervisory authorities apply extremely strict rules when monitoring the activities of financial institutions. Taking this into consideration, ProCredit Bank Moldova abides by stricter norms than those set by the national legislation of the Republic of Moldova, in order to ensure the safety of deposits and loan resources. This means both business and private clients of ProCredit Bank Moldova can be sure their money is safe.



In November 2015, ProCredit Bank introduced 24/7 Zones, which enable clients to carry out basic bank transactions around the clock. This allows partners of ProCredit Bank Moldova to focus on their business during working hours and do their banking whenever convenient after hours.





Seeing as ProCredit Moldova is a member of an international group of banks and meets modern safety criteria, the bank has access to external financial resources at better conditions. At the beginning of March, the bank announced a new loan programme, InnovFin, designed to finance projects aimed at the modernisation of production. The budget of the programme amounts to EUR 20 million and is part of the EUR 250 million offered to the ProCredit group by the European Investment Fund.

Clients who intend to receive a loan under the InnovFin programme must offer a guarantee equal to 50% of the loan amount. An external partner of the bank guarantees the rest. Loans under this programme shall be extended on simplified terms and at a decreased interest rate. Entrepreneurs active in the economic sector also have access to this type of loan. Amounts granted under the InnovFin programme can be anywhere between EUR 25,000 – EUR 3 million.




Furthermore, in March 2016, ProCredit Bank Moldova announced a new flat fee service. This service is unique in the Moldovan market and consists of a fixed fee of EUR 25 or USD 25 – depending on currency of operation – for international transfers/payments carried out using our Internet Banking system, instead of charging a set percentage of the transaction amount.

This is especially convenient for customers engaged in international activities, such as importers. Amounts transferred to foreign partners can be between EUR 5,000 and EUR 150,000 – in all cases the bank will only charge EUR 25 per transaction.

This new product takes into account the needs of ProCredit’s clients and shows how dedicated the bank is to meeting the expectations of its partners. It is expected that this service will attract other entrepreneurs engaged in international trade, who would then become active clients of ProCredit Bank Moldova.



It is worth mentioning that our flat fee service is the first product in a special package of services designed to support Moldovan businesses. The bank intends to launch other services at favourable terms in the near future for clients of the bank. These measures are aimed at facilitating business activity and decreasing financial expenses related to business administration. In the context of the crisis faced by all economic players, these aspects are crucial.

All these new and unique solutions are possible because ProCredit Bank Moldova is a part of the ProCredit group and has been operating in the Republic of Moldova for 10 years. All these years, with support from its German founders, the bank has been developing dynamically, proving its stability and focus on innovation in the area of finance. The development strategy of ProCredit Bank Moldova is built upon principles observed by all members of the group and is based on establishing and developing long-term relationships with its clients. For this reason, ProCredit Bank’s team has always promoted and followed the principle of providing high quality service to business and private clients.