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ProCredit Business Forum – An efficient communication platform for Moldovan entrepreneurs

To run a business in Moldova one needs courage and reliable partners. Communication, exchange of experience and contact information are required to achieve success. 
As a German bank, ProCredit Bank understands the business needs of its customers and offers development solutions for companies both here and abroad. 

The bank recently invited entrepreneurs to attend the second ProCredit Business Forum – a business event intended to support self-investment activity for Moldovan entrepreneurs and gather them together for discussion. Three sessions were conducted, each allowing the participants to debate and share their experiences with overcoming challenges and implementing methods that helped them to conquer international markets. Various experts in organic agriculture, branding, human resources and law, as well as the bank’s specialists, moderated the sessions.




“ProCredit Bank’s initiative to position itself as a business partner and consultant is laudable. I joined this event to seize networking opportunities as well as to discuss banking services and development perspectives. The information I gathered will help me to save time and money in the future,” said Victor Scripnic, entrepreneur, Business Forum participant.



For the first time, entrepreneurs from Bulgaria and Romania – customers of the international ProCredit group – took part in the event to tell their stories of bringing businesses into compliance with European standards.  
“I decided to attend this economic forum to share my experiences and learn something new from Moldovan and Bulgarian entrepreneurs,” said Cristian Spiridon, Romanian entrepreneur.
"I am very grateful to the bank for conducting this Business Forum. If organised regularly, this event will serve as a platform for businesspeople to help them identify the most efficient development solutions. It was a pleasure and a great experience to be a part of this,” declared Yuri Galendinov, Bulgarian entrepreneur


The discussions were followed by business networking activities and the exchange of contact information, which was appreciated by participants. ProCredit Bank offers Moldovan entrepreneurs such communication opportunities on a regular basis. 



“We are very pleased with the outcome. It is gratifying to see that increasing numbers of customers want to register and take part in events conducted by the bank – it means businesspeople appreciate them. We decided to organise discussion forums because the bank’s web page is loaded with customers’ opinions and requests. Our purpose is to establish multiple communication platforms for local entrepreneurs, to help them find practical ideas and new partners. In this way ProCredit Bank enables the formation of a well-informed and prepared business community, which ultimately serves to develop companies in Moldova,” said Eugenia Gashikulina, Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board

German bank ProCredit Bank. Together. Day by day.

ProCredit Bank is an international bank with 100% foreign capital and with shareholders exclusively from Germany and the Netherlands: ProCredit Holding, Germany (82.05%); KfW, Germany (14.1%); and DOEN Foundation, the Netherlands (3.81%). The bank is part of the international ProCredit group, which operates in 21 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America as well as in Germany.

ProCredit Bank is a stable institution dedicated to the long-lasting development of very small, small and medium-sized enterprises. We aim to play a role in the development of these enterprises by investing the time to truly understand their needs and by providing banking services which are tailored to the specifics of our clients’ businesses.

ProCredit Bank offers a wide range of secure, simple and accessible banking services. We believe that saving is essential for a stable future, which is why we pay special attention to fostering and developing a savings culture among our clients.

ProCredit Bank aims to set new quality standards for its services. Furthermore, by offering these services in a transparent and open manner, we are contributing to the public’s growing trust in banks.

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