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Moldovan businesses need trust and support

ProCredit Bank invited its business clients and potential customers to the ProCredit Business Forum

- a business event intended to boost investments and give small and medium enterprises the opportunity to discuss and share successful practices.
The forum hosted four round-table discussions on various topics: long-term investments in the development of your business, ways to explore the hidden potential of an enterprise, finding funding possibilities and how to make your business energy efficient. The discussions included special guests and experts in financing, energy efficiency, management, production, sales, etc. as well as by bank’s specialists.



“I am pleased  that ProCredit Bank organised an event of this kind, thus giving entrepreneurs the chance to share experiences and establish new contacts. More importantly, it was a perfect occasion to discuss important issues” stated one of the participants of the Business Forum.
“Businesspeople need a medium for communication, to be able to meet and discuss the development opportunities and challenges they face. The fact that the round-table event attracted so many participants means that energy efficiency is a “must” for successful business development. It is a great pleasure for us to take part in this event and to be able to share our experience” said Alexander Vodenicharov, technical manager, of Balkanika Energy, Bulgaria.
“ProCredit Bank regularly organises events for Moldovan entrepreneurs, as we are convinced that they have great potential and simply require courage and trust. We are delighted to see that so many businesses attended the Business Forum. It proves that businesses need to be heard, listened to and supported. Our bank is a reliable partner and is always ready to offer financial assistance and provide advice to help develop sustainable projects” stated Vladislav Garbu, Chairman of the ProCredit Bank Management Board
ProCredit Bank is an international bank with 100% foreign capital and with shareholders exclusively from Germany and the Netherlands: ProCredit Holding, Germany (82.05%); KfW, Germany (14.1%); and DOEN Foundation, the Netherlands (3.81%). The bank is part of the international ProCredit group, which operates in 21 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America as well as in Germany.
ProCredit Bank is a stable institution dedicated to the long-lasting development of very small, small and medium-sized enterprises. We aim to play a role in the development of these enterprises by investing the time to truly understand their needs and by providing banking services which are tailored to the specifics of our clients’ businesses.
ProCredit Bank offers a wide range of secure, simple and accessible banking services. We believe that saving is essential for a stable future, which is why we pay special attention to fostering and developing a savings culture among our clients.
ProCredit Bank aims to set new quality standards for its services. Furthermore, by offering these services in a transparent and open manner, we are contributing to the public’s growing trust in banks.
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