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ProCredit Bank continues to develop and increases its paid-in capital

From the outset, ProCredit Bank in Moldova has had a clear vision and a business model based on responsible banking.


It has consistently supported the development of very small and small businesses in Moldova, as these businesses are the driving force behind the national economy and are achieving sustainable growth.

In a challenging economic environment, ProCredit Bank has always shown dynamic development. The bank has a transparent shareholder structure: it is 100% foreign-owned. The three main shareholders are ProCredit Holding and KfW Development Bank, both based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and DOEN Foundation, based in the Netherlands. All three have over 25 years’ experience in responsible banking, and in providing advisory services and funding to financial institutions in developing countries and emerging economies. This history has led to the long-term presence of ProCredit Bank in 20 emerging countries all over the world and the establishment of a bank in Germany itself. To maintain the pace of its business operations, ProCredit Bank Moldova’s equity has regularly been increased with the support of its shareholders, who have made a great contribution to the overall development of the bank since its foundation in December 2007.

Recently, the shareholders decided to increase the paid-in capital again in order to support the bank’s growth and development. All new shares were subscribed by KfW Development Bank, demonstrating its strong belief in the future development of Moldova. KfW supports investments in the real sector – in production and agriculture – as this sector represents the backbone of the national economy. With this latest capital increase, KfW has contributed MDL 17 million to the capital of the ProCredit Bank, which will enable it to support the further development of local producers. The capital increase signals KfW Development Bank’s trust and confidence in ProCredit Bank and indicates that the foreign shareholders are willing to continue investing in Moldova via ProCredit Bank. The shareholders are confident that, in the long term, these investments will lead to the development of the real sector, creating new jobs for Moldovans, here in their own country.

KfW is a government-owned development bank; 80% of its capital is held by the Federal Republic of Germany and 20% by the German federal states. In Germany KfW is a leading development bank and one of Europe’s largest financial institutions. KfW Development Bank holds 14.1% of the total capital of ProCredit Bank Moldova.


German bank ProCredit Bank. The bank you can count on.


ProCredit Bank is an international bank with 100% foreign capital and with shareholders exclusively from Germany and the Netherlands: ProCredit Holding, Germany (82.05%); KfW, Germany (14.1%); and DOEN Foundation, the Netherlands (3.81%). The bank is part of the international ProCredit group, which operates in 21 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America as well as in Germany.

ProCredit Bank is a stable institution dedicated to the long-lasting development of very small, small and medium-sized enterprises. We aim to play a role in the development of these enterprises by investing the time to truly understand their needs and by providing banking services which are tailored to the specifics of our clients’ businesses.

ProCredit Bank offers a wide range of secure, simple and accessible banking services. We believe that saving is essential for a stable future, which is why we pay special attention to fostering and developing a savings culture among our clients.

ProCredit Bank aims to set new quality standards for its services. Furthermore, by offering these services in a transparent and open manner, we are contributing to the public’s growing trust in banks.

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