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A new ProCredit Bank office in Floresti

ProCredit Bank would like to inform its customers and all people living in Floresti that we have moved our Floresti branch into a new, comfortable and well-equipped office on one of the main streets in town. Our new address: 42, 31 August Street, is highly accessible and easy to find.

When designing the office, special attention was paid to ensuring a high degree of functionality and client comfort. The new office will include the “one-stop banking” concept: customers can perform all standard banking transactions quickly at a single desk where they are served by our expert client advisers. This concept, which is applied throughout the ProCredit group, enables our clients to perform standard banking transactions conveniently and efficiently, without compromising the open and direct communication with client advisers in case of special consultancy questions relating to our fair and convenient banking services.

ProCredit Bank began its operations in Floresti in 2009; before that, the ProCredit finance company had been operating on the market since November 2005. Today, the Floresti branch of ProCredit Bank serves more than 3,000 customers. “We are a bank with stable shareholders from Germany and the Netherlands, and we have always paid special attention offering secure savings services to the communities in which we operate and to providing small and medium-sized enterprises with highly professional service and the most suitable and convenient credit facilities and banking services. It is important for us to offer our clients not only excellent customer service but also support in the development of their businesses, as these enterprises are the driving force behind the Moldovan economy”, said Vladislav Garbu, Chairperson of the Management Board.

Our professional and well-prepared team is ready to serve both business and private clients between Monday and Friday, from 08:00 until 17:00. We are looking forward to receiving your questions and suggestions and to welcoming you in person in our new office.


ProCredit Bank. Long term support for your business.

ProCredit Bank is an international bank with 100% foreign capital and with shareholders exclusively from Germany and the Netherlands: ProCredit Holding, Germany (84.91%); KfW, Germany (10.85%); and DOEN Foundation, the Netherlands (4.24%). The bank is part of the international ProCredit group, which operates in 21 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America as well as in Germany.

ProCredit Bank is a stable institution dedicated to the long-lasting development of very small, small and medium-sized enterprises. We aim to play a role in the development of these enterprises by investing the time to truly understand their needs and by providing banking services which are tailored to the specifics of our clients’ businesses.

ProCredit Bank offers a wide range of secure, simple and accessible banking services. We believe that saving is essential for a stable future, which is why we pay special attention to fostering and developing a savings culture among our clients.

ProCredit Bank aims to set new quality standards for its services. Furthermore, by offering these services in a transparent and open manner, we are contributing to the public’s growing trust in banks.

For additional information, please contact the bank’s PR Specialist, Eliza Frunza: Telephone: 022-836-431, e-mail:

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