ProCredit Bank continues its campaign “Together we can make our planet cleaner!”

On Saturday, October 20, the entire ProCredit Bank in Moldova team took part in its second social responsibility initiative as part of the bank’s “Together we can make our planet cleaner!” campaign. The event provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our responsible attitude and behaviour towards the environment. Parks and tree-lined avenues serve as a place for relaxation and inspiration for nearly everyone. Thus, ProCredit Bank employees from different branch offices, including employees from the Head Office located in Chisinau, participated in clean-up activities carried out at local parks.








After several hours, the team had filled dozens of sacks with bottles, plastic bags and other litter which they had collected in Valea Trandafirilor Park in Chisinau, Central Park in Comrat, M. Eminescu Street in Balti, Stefan cel Mare Street in Cahul, and Nationala Street in Ungheni, among others.
It is well known that developing a responsible attitude towards the environment starts at an early age. For this reason, employees brought their children to participate in this initiative as well.


“ProCredit Bank has shown civic spirit throughout the years by organising socially responsible activities, such as conducting neighbourhood campaigns and cleaning wells, parks and playgrounds where the bank’s branches are located. ProCredit Bank has always shown a responsible attitude towards the environment and this spring launched an energy efficiency campaign. The first stage was carried out in May and we are now happy to announce the successful completion of the second stage. We plan to continue this campaign next year, as it is our shared long-term duty and moral obligation to keep the planet clean for our children”, ProCredit Bank Environmental Co-ordinator Altynbek Turkbaev emphasised.

ProCredit Bank would like to thank Green Spaces Management Association, as well as the regional town halls, for their support and help.


  Together we can make our planet cleaner!
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