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Vladislav Garbu is the new Chairperson of ProCredit Bank Management Board

ProCredit Bank would like to inform the public about appointment of Mr. Vladislav Garbu to the post of the Chairperson of Management Board of the bank. This position was previously held by Mr. Asmus Rotne, who is now at the head of ProCredit Bank Armenia and continues ProCredit group development strategy.

Main management objectives established by the new Chairperson are to increase competitiveness of the bank; further develop wide range of high quality products and banking services; extend network of offices; optimize work processes.

Vladislav Gârbu possesses rich experience of working in financial and banking system. He joined ProCredit group in Moldova upon establishment of financial company ProCredit, in December 1999. Mr. Garbu occupied various positions: Head of Risk Department (2001 – 2004), Chief Financial Officer (2004 – 2008), General Manager of financial company ProCredit (2008 – June 2010). In July 2010 he became Deputy Chairperson of Management Board of ProCredit Bank and held this post till May 2011.



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CB “ProCredit Bank” S.A. is member of the ProCredit group of banks operating in 21 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America. It is an international bank which is wholly foreign-owned; its shareholders are ProCredit Holding AG, Germany (84.1652%), KfW, Germany (9.5628%) and DOEN Foundation, The Netherlands (6.2719%).


ProCredit Bank is a sound and reliable financial institution which aims to build long-term working relationships with its clients, based on mutual trust. CB “ProCredit Bank” S.A. positions itself on the financial market as a “neighbourhood bank”, a socially responsible bank which offers a wide range of simple and accessible banking services and products for people living and working in the neighbourhoods in which it operates.


CB “ProCredit Bank” S.A. aims to set new standards in quality of customer service and ethical business practice by offering financial services at fair terms and conditions, thus contributing to people’s growing trust in banks.


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