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ProCredit Bank introduces a new customer care concept

A relationship between an institution and its client is traditionally based upon provision of products and services, however client frequently remains the only person interested in finding a solution that suits his/her business necessities. ProCredit Bank, as a responsible bank which cares about its clients, offers a completely new approach to service rendering – Business Client Adviser, an unique concept on our market. This concept will allow to get closer to clients, understand their business necessities better, and ultimately provide a wide range of bank products and services which suit them best.

On the occasion of new concept launch, ProCredit Bank organized a business reception in order to promote and intensify communication between its clients and assist them in acquiring new partners for further business development.


,,New concept will enable us to reach a new level of customer service quality. Upon analysis of the Moldovan financial market we came to the conclusion that it is a unique tool to support business development. Business Client Adviser concept is successfully implemented throughout ProCredit group operating in 21 countries of the world” Mr. Asmus Rotne, Chairperson of Management Board declared.


Catalogue ,,Alegeţi partenerul de încredere printre clienţii ProCredit Bank” especially compiled for this event serves as another evidence of responsible approach towards client necessitates. It contains contact information (address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, field of activity) on about 140 customers of the bank. Our guests had an excellent opportunity to get to know other business owners personally and establish partnership.

Ms. Eugenia Gashikulina, Executive Director declared ,,One of our primary goals is to assist business clients in developing contacts. For this purpose we launched a dedicated catalogue, introducing our clients. To obtain more detailed information about different companies, guests can approach special stands. We have also organized a mini-exhibition to give our customers an opportunity to show their production. Thus we are supporting their business development both financially and morally”.

Entrepreneurs from all corners of the republic have been invited to attend the reception.


ProCredit Bank. The bank that cares about my business.


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CB “ProCredit Bank” S.A. is member of the ProCredit group of banks operating in 21 countries in Eastern Europe and Latin America. It is an international bank which is wholly foreign-owned; its shareholders are ProCredit Holding AG, Germany (84.1652%), KfW, Germany (9.5628%) and DOEN Foundation, The Netherlands (6.2719%).

ProCredit Bank is a sound and reliable financial institution which aims to build long-term working relationships with its clients, based on mutual trust. CB “ProCredit Bank” S.A. positions itself on the financial market as a “neighbourhood bank”, a socially responsible bank which offers a wide range of simple and accessible banking services and products for people living and working in the neighbourhoods in which it operates.

CB “ProCredit Bank” S.A. aims to set new standards in quality of customer service and ethical business practice by offering financial services at fair terms and conditions, thus contributing to people’s growing trust in banks.

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