Cash-out ATMs

Cash-out ATMs

All 24/7 Zones are equipped with Cash-out ATMs, which enable you to withdraw cash from your current or saving account. With this machine, you have cash at your disposal at any time and you also can also check your account balance and print a mini statement.

Regardless of currency of the account you withdraw cash from, you can chose by yourself needed curency of cash - MDL, USD or EUR. If the withdrawn cash currency differs from the account currency, the automatical currency exchange will be performed via bank's commercial exchange rate and you obtain cash in chosen currency in converted amount.

To perform these transactions, you need a Visa card.



Useful information:
  • What is the maximum withdrawal?* — MDL 110,000 / USD 5 500 / EUR 5 000 per day
  • What is the fee charged per transaction? – 0% of the amount withdrawn

* The maximum withdrawal is cumulative