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Loans for agriculture

“I need to finance my agicultural projects at advantageous prices. Will ProCredit Bank offer me this possibility?”

ProCredit Bank places special emphasis on the development of agricultural businesses and has prepared a special financing package for farmers. We can offer you loans to purchase agricultural machinery and equipment, combine harvesters, tractors, irrigation equipment and farmland. The loans can also be used for the construction and maintenance of greenhouses or storage facilities. To be eligible for an agricultural loan, you need to have successfully completed one growing season.








  • Attractive rates for loans in MDL (from 8%) upon purchase of equipment and machinery from the bank’s partners.
  • Convenient repayment schedule, adjusted to the specifics and seasonal characteristics of your business
  • Grace period – up to 9 months
  • Fast loan approval
  • No hidden commissions
  • Opportunity to take advantage of government grants  

To see the conditions for loans you can acces Information Dislocure


Documents required


Note: We do not charge additional taxes and fees for drawing up documents, loan maintenance, etc. Fees are payable to state authorities or a notary only in the case of collateral registration.